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Welcome, Future Homebuyers & Sellers!

Before you say you can't, you're closer than you think.

I'm Nicole Vermillion, your go-to Boston area RealtorĀ®, committed to helping you find your next home - whether it's your first or yours forever. Nothing wrong with loving where you live - I am all about it!

If you're here, you might be ready to leave this website. You might be thinking - I don't know. Shouldn't I just use my cousin's best friend's sister who's a real estate agent? Won't this Nicole person laugh at me? Won't she say home-buying simply isn't possible anymore unless you're a trust fund baby?

Listen... I'm no trust fund baby. Many of my clients are also the first people in their family to buy a house. THIS is where my passion lies. I'm all about making your home-buying dreams come true. Just because it's something you want, and it feels a bit pie in the sky, it doesn't mean it's impossible.

If you take the first step to schedule a call with me, I'll help you take the rest.


My Approach Brings You Closer to Home:

  • I genuinely care about YOU and where you're going to be living.
  • I connect you to the best professionals in the community who can help you enjoy the home you're saying goodbye to or about to purchase.
  • I keep my eyes and ears open and will help you achieve your real estate goals by actively listening to you, staying organized, and dedicating my work to your success.

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